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Known bug? ComboBox ListView draws overlapping text when model is changed

  • Edit: this is about Quick Controls 2.0 ComboBox, not older Quick Controls.

    Is this a known bug? (I'll try to give more details and report a bug if this isn't known already.)
    screenshot of combobox listview

    I have tried to use a c++ model in many ways: iheriting QAbstractListModel, inheriting QStandardListModel, sending different change related signals. Basically the model is completely changed between states, i.e. cleared and populated with new items. After it has been changed and new items selected in the UI, the ComboBox Popup ListView may have one or more overlapping text items as seen in the screenshot. I'm not sure yet, but probably the wrong texts (which overlap the correct ones) are from a previous state of the model. This happens at least in Windows desktop, Linux desktop and Android x86 emulator, with the latest 5.6. and 5.7. releases.

    Additionally in Linux and Windows when the item count changes it affects the listview row count only upwards: it will remain as long as the largest item count in the model/view history and will have empty items or sometimes even text from a previous state of the model in some row. This is probably unrelated but annoying. It doesn't happen in Android emulator, it has always the correct row count.

  • This is not a known issue. Please report a bug and we'll take a look.