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How to get the supported resolution of a QCamera

  • QList<QSize> res = Cam->supportedViewfinderResolutions();
    gives alwas a 0-Length list.
    (Qt 5.6.0 MSVC-2015 - 32 bit)

  • Hi,
    I've never used QCamera myself but as nobody replied yet I'll give it a shot...
    The documentation states:

    The camera must be loaded before calling this function, otherwise the returned list is empty.

    So, did you load the camera before calling QCamera::supportedViewfinderResolutions() ?

  • @Andy314 Hi! What @Joel-Bodenmann said is correct; you must wait until the camera status has changed to loaded. You can use QCamera::statusChanged signal for this:

    QList<QCameraInfo> cameras = QCameraInfo::availableCameras();
    m_camera = new QCamera(, this);
    connect(m_camera, &QCamera::statusChanged, this, &MainWindow::onStatusChanged);
    // ...
    void MainWindow::onStatusChanged()
        qDebug() << m_camera->status();
        qDebug() << m_camera->supportedViewfinderResolutions();

  • Sorry I pasted the the wrong test-code.
    (The supportedViewfinderResolutions() works indeed, but I need the natural camera-resolution.)

    Capture = new QCameraImageCapture(Cam);
    QList<QSize> res = Capture->supportedResolutions();

    List ist empty after loaded signal!!!

    My aim it to retriever the possible resolutions of a camera, choose a possible resolution and make a capture with this resolution.

    If found the code above in the integrated Camera example of the Qt.
    The direct compiled example does not work as well.

  • I found this link:
    Multimedia Backends
    I seem that in Qt 5.5 (dont know what is with 5.6) for Windows the Camera in not really supported. :-(((
    Any ideas how to integrate camera functionality in a Qt-App ?

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