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How to forward remote GUI to local screen when deploying from Qt Creator

  • When using Qt Creator [3.5.1] to automatically upload an application to a remote machine and run it there, the default environment it suggests is DISPLAY=:0.0, which is supposed to tell the application to draw its forms on the host-local X server, i. e. on the physical screen of the machine it is run on. However, I would like to redirect the GUI to my local screen, i. e. to the machine Qt Creator is at. How could that be accomplished, if at all?

    When deploying and running manually, it is trivial:

    local_host_name$ ssh -X remote_host_name
    remote_host_name$ echo $DISPLAY
    remote_host_name$ myapp

    Simply assigning remote_host_name:10.0 to DISPLAY in Qt Creator does not produce the desired effect, — application cannot find X server at the specified location. So, apparently, some additional actions are required, but I have no idea what could be it.

  • This topic is old, but nevertheless, for the sake of completeness...
    Do not close ssh session, otherwise the forwarded display would become invalid.

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