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QCA::initializer destructor crashes app

  • Hi,
    I reopen an old topic (old topic).

    I use Qt 5.7, QCA 2.1.1, and msvc2015 32bit.

    To resume, my app crashes when QCA::initializer goes out of scope when there is not any Qt installation folder.
    If i have the Qt installation folder, the app does not crash.
    If I rename the Qt installation folder (to avoid any references to it), the app crashes.

    So I supposed that a dll is missing in my app deployment. Dependency walker does not find any missing dependencies.
    But, if i rename only the "plugins" folder ([Qt installation folder]\5.7\msvc2015\plugins to avoid any references to it), my app crashes.
    I repeat the operation with each folders in "plugins". But no one seems to be responsible of the app crash.
    To finish, I renamed the Qt installation folder, and I created an empty Qt\5.7\msvc2015\plugins folder. The app does not crash.

    It seems that my app or QCA keep a reference to the Qt installation "plugins" folder but I can't find how and where.

    Any help please?

    Thank you

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