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Multiple Qt versions installation issue

  • I already have qt version 4.6x on Ubuntu.
    If I install the latest, v4.7, would there be conflict?
    How do I avoid such conflict?

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    Just make sure you do not install the new Qt into the same place as the old one and make sure to use the qmake from the Qt version you want to actually use when running the qmake step (by setting the path or providing the full path to qmake).

  • Also, you can make sure you use the right qmake by setting it in Qt Creator.
    menu tools > options > TAB Qt4 > add button and point it to your new location....
    Then you can set it as default.

  • Will Qt 4.7 libraries be installed n the same place at Qt 4.6's location in Ubuntu?

  • If you use the package manager, it's very likely that you just replace the version. A distribution of a particular version usually has only one Qt4 version. A newer version would be only available on some manually to configure repositories.

    You can avoid the hassles by manually compiling Qt. It installs itself in /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-x.y.z by default and does not interfere with the distribution's version.

  • Volker:

    I tried doing update (using the update button click) via package manager, but when I looked
    at Qt version in Creator, it is still 4.6.
    How do you update to a new version via update manager?

    For Qt version 4.7, the dialog window came up with a default suggestion install folder: \home\myaccountname\qtsdk.
    I tried to install it into \usr, but it kept telling about erasing entire directory or something like that

    So I ended up installing it in its suggested directory.

  • I never used the package manager to switch to a non-default Qt version And I do not recommend this, it may break some other applications depending on that version of Qt.

    I also never used the SDK for pulling new Qt version. Actually, I'm not using the SDK at all - I just startet Qt development long before that saw the light and I'm too lazy to switch settings and all that.

    Usually, the default paths are quite sane. I generally tend to use those (not only for Qt).

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