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Qt3D - Share components across different scenes

  • Hello,

    I would like to display multiple Qt3D scenes at different places in my window, sharing some of their entities (for instance they'll have their own camera but the rest of the scene will be the same).

    Sadly the implementation so far does not use the model-view pattern, the multi-viewport solution is not what i'm looking for since my views can be separated by non-Qt3D content thus I end up using a scene3d object as a model and as a view.
    So what i am trying to do right now is duplicating my entities but i try to share their components since they seem to be shareable (they have a isShareable property). But it does not work because they can be shared only between entities in the same scene and not across many scenes, it seems to be decided according to the parent of the shared component.

    Do you know how i can achieve to do this ? Meshes in my scene can be heavy and are highly dynamic (vertices change every frames) so for now i have to update a lot of things (i mean exactly the same thing) for every scene3d in my window.

    Thank you

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