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Initialize QChar with unicode japanese character

  • Hi all

    I knwo the question would be really stupid but I still didn't find a way to make that. I want to initialize a QChar with a unicode japanese character by source but I didn't get the extepctyed result.

    I tried:

    QChar myChar('あ');

    In this case the QChar object contain a unicode character but is not the same I used for initialize. Using the other test:

    QChar myChar(L'あ');

    doesn't work, in this case the character seem inside the ASCII range not unicode. The cpp source file containing this code is saved in unicode without BOM format. Currently the only working way I found is the following:

    QChar myChar(QString("あ").at(0));

    but is really orrible. Someone know the right way to make such initialization?
    Thank you

  • Moderators

    For UTF-8 you can do this:


    or use it like this way


    Should work (Unicode values in the examples may be incorrect)

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