Qt install frustration

  • Hi guys,

    I have a big time frustration every time I install Qt. I need to use QtWebEngine in my project but I didn't have it since I was using < Qt 5.x. I decided to install the latest version of Qt. Fine. I installed MSVS 2015 before the installation too. And the result is the same. It doesn't find MSVC 2015 in compilers tab. I tried to add it manually but no luck.
    Here is my screen:

    Can anybody help me out? Thanks.

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    IIRC Visual Studio 2015 does not have the C++ compiler selected if you choose the default settings. Run the VS installer again and make sure the c++ components are selected.

    I tried to add it manually but no luck.

    What does "no luck" mean? A specific error or what?

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