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[SOLVED] Add QAction into QMenuBar in Designer

  • Is it possible to add QAction into QMenuBar in the Designer? I haven't found any way to do it. The only way I know is to write this code but I want to do it in the designer:

        QAction *action = new QAction("My action");

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    The designer only supports menu bars on a QMainWindow, so if you're using a QDialog or a plain QWidget you're out of luck.
    If you're using a QMainWindow based widget you can just drag and drop the action from the actions panel to the menu bar.

  • I have menu bar in the main window, but drag and drop the action is not working:

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    Ah, ok, I misunderstood. You can't do that using the designer indeed. I can only speculate why that is but I suspect that's because it's uncommon to have an action on a menu bar. Actions usually go on tool bars and menu bars have, well, menus.

    You can create a menu typing in the "Type here" field. You can then add action to that menu via drag&drop but you can't put an action directly on the menu bar. Just a designer limitation (one of many).

  • Ok, thanks.