Disabling Wheel Event in a QGraphicsView ?

  • Hi Qt community ,

    How to disable the wheel event in a QGraphicsView ?

    Sorry for the lazy post , and thanks for your comprehension ;)

  • As there is no property to enable or disable it you have to create a subclass and overwrite the implementation of the corresponding wheelEvent(). Something along the lines of:

    class MyGraphicsView : public QGraphicsView
    	explicit MyGraphicsView(QWidget* parent = nullptr) : QGraphicsView(parent) {}
    	virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent* event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE {

  • @Joel-Bodenmann

    Thanks for this unique answer .

    Actually , i figured out myself an another solution :

    void Scene::wheelEvent(QGraphicsSceneWheelEvent *event)

    Probably not as good , so i'll use yours .


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    @Walux said:

    Probably not as good , so i'll use yours .

    just for clarification:
    Actually this is exactly the same approach, just a step later.
    (After the graphics view translated and forwarded it's received events to it's scene).

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