How can I print a QWebPage to a QPdfWriter?

  • Problem: I can't create multi-paged PDF documents from QWebFrame with QPdfWriter because there is no ::print() method that takes a QPagedDevice or QPdfWriter (or at least I think that's the reason)

    (context: this is for:

    This method is from the webpage module from PhantomJS.

    bool WebPage::renderPdf(QPdfWriter& pdfWriter)
        // code removed for brevity
        QPainter painter(&pdfWriter);
        QRect pageRect = pdfWriter.pageLayout().pageSize().rectPoints();
        // ===============================
        // How do I include QtPrintContext
        // ===============================
        QtPrintContext printContext(&painter, pageRect, m_mainFrame->d);
        for (int page = 0; page < printContext.pageCount(); page++) {
            printContext.spoolPage(page, pageRect.width());
        return true;

    Question: How can I #include QtPrintContext in the module above? Will this even fix the problem?


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