KeyPressEvent singleTime ?

  • Hi Qt Community :)

    I'm looking for an answer i'm afraid it can be obvious .

    After maintining the press on a certain key , everyone notices that the keyPressEvent needs a short amount of time before it goes on a loop .

    I want my KeyPressEvent to either be singleTime (even when maintining the press) or to be looped instantly .

    How do i do that ?

    Thanks for your comprehension :)

  • Or a KeyEvent that only catches holding down keys :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Maybe you could look at
    and if true ignore key.

    That way it will be "single time" .

  • @mrjj

    I think i got your point , but would you mind giving me a short code for ignoring key when it's autoRepeat ?

  • @mrjj

    It's alright , i figured it out ;)

    Huge thanks for your help :)


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