ComboBoxes and ArcMaps for Developers

  • I am attempting a simple exercise, building off a template ESRI's ArcMaps for developers has given me. If anyone is familiar it is the Quick Report Template. That being said I have no experience in Qt QML, I am learning as I go. On this template provided you can report information at location provided by GPS. This information is grabbed from a text box and stored in an online database (ArcMaps Online).

    I am attempting to replace the text box with a dropdown menu. So far I've used a combo box and ListModel, It looks like it should work. Dropdown work, and change what they say.
    The complication is when I look into the database. Changing my selection with the dropdown does to appear to change the index. I am missing some way to tell the program that it needs to look for List elements.

    I can return a single entry from the dropdown into the database by using

    currentIndex: 1

    So it does access the ListElement, however when I use this every selection, will return this same index. If i do not set currentIndex, I will receive a null value.

    My combo box is below.

     ComboBox {
                id: textField
                //currentIndex: 1     
                model: ListModel {
                    id: cbItems
                    ListElement { text: "StrawBerry"  }
                    ListElement { text: "Banana"  }
                    ListElement { text: "Apple"  }
                    ListElement { text: "Coconut"; }
                width: 300
                anchors {
                    bottomMargin: 2
                    horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
                onCurrentIndexChanged: console.debug(cbItems.get(currentIndex).text)
                Component.onCompleted: {
                    //listView.onAttributeUpdate(objectName, text)
                    if (fieldType != Enums.FieldTypeDate)
                        attributesArray[fieldName] = textField.currentText 

    This piece is communicating back to ArcMaps Online

     function onAttributeUpdate(f_name, f_value){
                console.log("Got: ", f_name, f_value, typeof(f_value));
                for(var i=0; i<theFeatureAttributesModel.count; i++) {
                    var item = theFeatureAttributesModel.get(i);
                    if(item["fieldName"] == f_name) {
                        item["fieldValue"] = f_value;

    Thanks in advance!

  • Did you already resolve this? If not, perhaps it would be simpler if you used a regular js array to add your items to the combo box, instead of using the ListModel?

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