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Having problems including QTHelp

  • I'm trying to add a QHelpEngine to my project, using Qt 4.7.4. When I try to compile I'm getting a slew of "unresolved external symbol" errors. It would appear that it's not including the QtHelp4.lib but I can't seem to add this to the project. I can add other modules, such as Network or Svg, but when I add 'help' to the QT += line in the Project file and run qmake, it doesn't make it into the makefile. I've tried editing the makefile directly but it just reverts to its previous contents when I try to build. Any suggestions?

  • Try manually linking adding the full path to QtHelp4.lib to the LIBS variable

  • Ah, that seems to have done the trick. Still curious about why that particular module needed to be manually linked but others didn't, but hey it works, so many thanks.

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