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There is no way to disable back/forward navigation on Qt Quick WebEngineView

  • I writing hibrid desktop application where I have a web view to show some backend webpages, and i need to disable navigation with "Backspace" or "Shift+Backspace" like in browser, when we can move back and forward through history. This thing is realy blocks me.
    There is a bug, i report QTBUG-53824 with some more detail and example, but I need some solution faster. Thanks!

  • The solution was simple, i was inattentive, but Web Engine Team helps me, thanks guys

    webView.onNavigationRequested: {
                if(request.navigationType === WebEngineView.BackForwardNavigation) {
                    print("onNavigationRequested", request.url)
                    request.action = WebEngineView.IgnoreRequest;