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Creator 2.2 ignores Makefile parameter

  • I use different Makefile names for my Project (Makefile.debug and Makefile.release) and in QtCreator 2.1 it is no Problem having 2 Build Configurations. One with -f Makefile.debug as make parameter and one with -f Makefile.release.
    Today I upgraded to QtCreator 2.2 and now no make file is found. If I create an Alias named Makefile to one of my make files then the project compiles. So it seems to me that version 2.2 ignores my parameters.
    Has anyone the same problem ?
    I' am using OSX 10.6 with Xcode 3 and Xcode 4 installed.

  • It looks like there is a check if a file with the name "Makefile" exists if not the make command isn't started. When I create an empty file with the name "Makefile" the command is executed correctly.

  • QtCreator 2.2 respects the MAKEFILE setting from the .pro files so i just have to set my Makefile name there and it works without Problems and without adding the make -f parameter by myself.
    So it's no bug it's a feature ! (indeed)

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