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Qt Creator 4: documentation display style

  • Hello, sorry i speak bad english.

    When i use Qt creator 3.3.1, the documentation was display as this:
    doc on 3.3.1

    Now i have installed Qt Creator 4.0.2 and the doc is display as this:
    doc on 4.0.1

    Is it possible to have the 3.3.1's style on 4.0.1 ?


  • @djentx Hi, welcome to the Qt forum. No, it's not possible.

  • Ok thanks.

  • @Wieland Nope, it does POSSIBLE, because many people encountered similar issue. After tracing in the bug reports, I found this one: QTCREATORBUG-15887
    As indicated in the comments,

    Since QtWebKit is no longer part of Qt since Qt 5.6, Qt Creator 3.6.1 uses QTextBrowser to show documentation, which is not a full html renderer and supports only a css subset.

    So, it's not surprising that many qch files would broke under Qt Creator 3.6.1+. I strongly disagree with this switch from QtWebkit to QTextBrowser - it's non-sense!
    Could there be any developer come out to pick up QtWebkit and save this world with a usable help browser?

  • @Wieland By the way, Qt Creator 4.0 works fine on my Arch Linux system, I think the reason is that Qt Creator on that system is built with Qt5-Webkit as a dependency. (Verified in the PKGBUILD script file)
    My Mac OS X with Qt Creator 4.0 suffers from this issue.

  • Qt WebKit is obsolete for multiple reasons (poor performance, very hard to maintain, security). Bringing it back is not an option. Its successor is Qt WebEngine. IMHO the best solution would be using Qt WebEngine as help browser in Qt Creator instead of QTextBrowser but this decision is up to the Creator developers.

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