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QWebView results "408 Request Time-out" towards a certain webpage target

  • Hi all,

    I have a test application and it just goes to some defined websites (3 in total) and fills in some data and sends. The code works perfect for two of the websites but it doesn't work for a specific one. What happens is that, when I load an url in that website, I randomly get "408 Request Time-out, Your browser didn't send a complete request in time." error. This doesn't happen any of the other websites. As I said, it happens, sometimes right at the beginning sometimes after I fill in the data and send it. So, I believe it is because the webser of that website but I don't know how I can get rid of it. It also doesn't happen if I use regular chrome. I was wondering if it could be related to any sort of certification or security topics? Thanks.

  • @koliva Hi! You could use a network protocol analyzer and see what chrome does different than your application.

  • I have WireShark, but the problem is, the issue doesn't happen always. Therefore I can't really compare the two easily. In python, there is web-driver and there you can load chrome browser. That actually solves a lot of problem. In QWebView, I actually create my own browser which comes along with different issues. Is there any way to load chrome itself inside of QWebView? Or something similar?

  • @koliva OK, simple solution: port your application from legacy QtWebKit to QtWebEngine. It's based on Chromium so chances are good it will work then.

  • @Wieland said:


    Let me give it a try. Thanks.

  • Hi! @koliva .... This works?

  • @koliva Could you give me URLs where this problem reproduces? Also, what QtWebKit version are you using? Form handling code had some fixes in 5.5.

    It can also be caused by non-conforming behavior of web server.

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