Is Qt the best tool for my project?

  • Hello there,
    This is the first time i am using this forum and i hope i set my question right .
    I want to develop an application for my university.This app have to do with a CPU simulation. source code will be in c++(linux) and i need to create a Gui for it. So i guess i have 2 options,port it to windows and use .net framework or use qt. I have experience in .net but i dont think it will be helpful for the level of this application. So my question is will Qt be helpful here or i should stick with .net?

  • @nnicou01 Hi, and welcome to the Qt forum! Can't tell if Qt is better than .net for your project. What I can say is: Yes, it's C++ so you can do everything with it and yes, it's easy to build a GUI with it. Also it's cross-platform for Linux, Windows and many more.

  • Thank you for your answer, i guess i will try something new because i need to stick to Linux so i guess .net isnt an option and porting will demand time.

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