VC++6 with QT

  • Can i use VC++6 with QT ?

    is there any tool to start with it?

  • if you look at the "docs,": it is stated MSVS 2005 and higher...
    But I think, VC++6 could also work. You have to create the mkspecs for it (if they are not anymore in the distribution) and perhaps, you will have problems with templates, as templates in VC++6 are a bit buggy...

    Why do you want to use VC++ 6? it is really old...

  • Hi Gerolf,

    Yes it is very old, but my teacher tell me to use it,
    Because it works well with openCV and Fann lib for neural networks!!

    I need to design GUI for my project, and I can't deal with MFC. In addition, I like to work on qt,

    My code written and made in VC++6
    Now I think seriously to use last version of VC, but I'm not sure if my openCV & Fann lib work correctly with it !!

    Any way, thanks a lot :)

  • So, just take care to use the same VC version for all libs in the project.
    But I suggest to try at least 2005, it's much better and also supports templates more correctly than VC++ 6

  • @Abeer, I assure you that openCV library work perfectly with new releases of VC express edition, which are all free. Moreover I use openCV with MinGW which also is free and is part of the QtSDK distribution, besides QtCreator, an awesome IDE for C++ developers. About FANN library, since it is written in ANSI C, and you have source-code, then there will be no problem to use what I suggested you.

  • VC ++ 6.0 appeared with Visual Studio 6 AKA Visual Studio 98. Very old, too old in fact.
    Just install Visual c++ 2008 express (free) and forget last century tools ;o)

  • Thanks to all who helped me, I'm really grateful for all :)

    I have decided to use Qt as a compiler for my project, and I installed openCV library in qt successfully (from this blog
    Really, I hated VC++6.0

    Now I'm not sure about the FANN library, I do not know what is the appropriate version for my Qt!

    Do you have any idea about it?! or is there not problem about the versions?

    Thanks again... :)

  • <nitpick-mode>Qt is not a compiler. You can not "install openCV library in Qt" either: Both are stand alone libraries.</nitpick-mode>

    Assuming you are referring to "this": FANN is another stand alone library and should install just fine alongside any version of Qt. Just take the newest stable versions of all libraries you need and you should be fine.

  • I downloaded latest FANN version and did some commands( from here: )
    So, I got libfann.a file and I used it as a lib in qt. It works without any errors.

    BUT, the outputs of Neural networks not correct. I'm worried about my way to build it FANN library!

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