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drag tab from QTabBar

  • Hello Community,

    I am trying to drag/drop a tab from a QTabBar. I am subclassing QTabBar but I can't find how to access each single tab in the bar ...
    I think that's the only thing I need is : get the tab under the cursor (hopefully it will be a widget ?) so I can generate a pixmap from it and attach it to the drag.

    How could I get this tab (widget ?) if I am going in the right direction...
    I want the tab from the QTabBar not from the QTabWidget

    Thank you very much for any info !

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    If you look at

    line 1531
    void QTabBar::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *)

    it seems that it uses
    p.drawControl(QStyle::CE_TabBarTab, tab);

    So its not widgets. Its drawn. It seems.

    But, you can use same call to make your own image as drag image if u need.

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