QImageReader: File not found

  • Hi,
    I developed an application that show an image foreach item click event using QImageReader to load the images.
    After a few clicks Qimagereader return a "File not found" error even if the image exists (the image is the same).
    Anyone know why it happens?
    Thanks in advice and sorry for my english!

  • Some thoughts:

    • Does the file name contain any obscure characters?
    • Does the extension fit to the file format?
    • Is it any "special" format that is not supported?
    • does the problem happen always with the same file or unforseen after processing x files?

    The documentation says "FileNotFoundError: QImageReader was used with a file name, but not file was found with that name. This can also happen if the file name contained no extension, and the file with the correct extension is not supported by Qt."

  • @micland Hi, thanks for replay!
    The problem happen unforseen after processing x files.
    It's not a problem with the image or with image's name because at beginning all images is loaded correctly, but after few clicks it doesn't work anymore.

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