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treating SQLite like MySQL

  • Hello,

    I have a qustion just to be sure or for confirmation purposes. Recently I started using SQLite. A few months ago I uses MySQL and it worked fine. Now I am working wicht SQLite and I have some trouble.
    Can I use the same Classes to dela with a SQLite DB as for MySQL ?
    If this ist the case I can narrow down the problem.


  • Hi,

    For most general SQL work and if you're not using very exotic features I guess you'll have no trouble spotting down the differences and adapting your SQL code. One that comes right in my mind is the different statement for selecting the last inserted row, SELECT last_insert_id() in MySQL and SELECT last_insert_rowid() in SQLite but there should be a few more.
    You could probably search the net and write down the differences and then see if you use any of those in your code and how they could affect possible data types, classes, etc.
    Otherwise, you could post specific problems and try to get specific help.

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