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GUI development for CAD.

  • I am literally new with Qt. Currently, I am working on a project, in which i have to develop a GUI to design different houses and to give the plan of the house to the robot control. It would be nice if I get some ideas and initial push and what should I look at?

  • Hi, and welcome to the Qt forum! What do you mean by "design different houses"? Floorplans? Technical drawings? 3D models? And what is "the robot" and what does it have to do with this?

  • Hello, thanks for your reply!!
    I am working with a Pick and Place robot. I need to give him the house plan (for example: a simple 2D plan or may be 3D plan of house of small wooden logs(which maybe rectangular, cubic or cylindrical in shape) the robot has to pick the wooden logs from the conveyor belt and according to that plan he has to place the logs on any stable platform to build the house. )

  • Will the house be 3-dimensional (wooden pieces on top of each other) or shall the robot just place the pieces side-by-side on the base plate?

  • Hi!
    Wooden pieces will either on top of each other or side-by-side...(if they are side-by-side then I should get the coordinates of the blocks from the top view in 2D case... and if they are on top of each other then I should get their coordinates from the front view in 2D case)

  • Actually, my idea is to have a storage of different wooden blocks in user interface and drag them one-by-one to working area to design a house model and then generate a txt file containing the stream of the coordinates (including some other attributes like color, shape) of building blocks.