Qt Creator doesn't deploy the apps on Android 5.1.1 AVD

  • Hi, I'm making a videotutorial about crosscompiling Qt for Android, and I have problems when I want to run the program on the AVD. The compilation process is successful, but I don't know why, the program (the simple Hello world) doesn't deployed in the AVD and I don't get any error code.

    This is the software stack I use.

    • Ubuntu 16.04 AMD64
    • Android SDK Tools 25.1.7
    • Android SDK Platform-tools 23.1
    • Android SDK Build-tools 23.03
    • Android 5.1.1 (API 22) (todos los paquetes)
    • Qt Creator 4.0.0
    • Qt 5.6.0-1
    • AVD x86
    • NDK r11c

    I have the g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf and all OpenGL dev packages installed, I can compile for desktop without any problem.

    Sorry if I put the thread in the incorrect area.

  • Well I just have to run the AVD before deploying the Qt app.

    A stupidity from me.

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