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  • Hello everyone on this forum,

    I apologize for any ignorance ahead of time, I am new to this whole Qt Forum. I have been learning how to develop in Qt/C++ for about a month now. I have gone over the Qt for Beginner tutorial contained in the Wiki webpage for Qt. Does anyone have suggestions or advice for newcomers to the world of Qt, and this forum?

  • @abr_mar

    Hi and welcome to Qt forum

    I would say here is a quite easy crowd helping starters and introduce them to the details of Qt. As it looks you seem to have already enough patience to learn things from the basics. Therefore, you have already a solid ground for learning Qt stuff.
    In general it is always good to give a focused question with a short code example explaining your problem.

    Enjoy working with Qt.

  • Thank you for the assistance!

  • I'll also introduce myself while I'm here. Hi, I'm Mike Perez. Hope to have fun here. Cheers!

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