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Qt Plugins with external libraries

  • I'm devellopping a QT application with QT Plugins. my plugins need external libraries(.dll) to run. I want to put all my plugins in a "plugins" folder in a folder for each plugin. In each folder I want to put the librairies link to the plugin. At this moment, I must put all libraries of all plugins next to the executable of my application.

    Have you any idea to give the path of the plugin external application to the main application?

  • The QPluginLoader allows to load a plugin from any location. You can either pass the file path directly to the constructor or you can use QPluginLoader::setFileName() to point to your plugin.

  • the probleme is not with the plugin but with the library that the plugin depends I can't put it in th same folder. I have to put it in the .exe folder of my main application

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