TCP Server - Client connection error with WinRT

  • Hi,
    i want to build a server - client connection with the tcp protocol. On my server i use the QTcpServer class to get the pending connections. On my client i use the QTcpSocket class to connect to the server.

    The server is on a x86 system and compiled with the precompiled binaries for Win32, MSVC2013. The client is on an ARM system (Win 10 IoT Core) with the precompiled binaries for WinRT, MSVC2015.

    When i start the server and connect from the client to it, i've got the QAbstractSocket::SocketTimeoutError error on the client side. But on the server side the newConnection() signal is emitted and the nextPendingConnection() function returns a vaild pointer with the correct host.

    I have tried to disable the firewall with NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state off but on my client i got the same error.

    I have also run the client on a non ARM system and there i can connect to the server successfully, so i think i have to change some settings on Win 10 IoT core or the precompiled binaries are not correct.


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