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Unable to assign QJSValue to QColor

  • As stated here:

    and here:

    QColor types should be automatically converted to color when passed to QML. Instead I receive the error:

    Unable to assign QJSValue to QColor

    Here the relevant declarations in my class:

    Q_PROPERTY(QColor color READ color WRITE setColor NOTIFY colorChanged)
    QColor color() { return m_color; }
    QColor m_color;

    On QML side:

    import QtQuick 2.0
    ListModel { id: myModel }
    function() {
        myModel.append( {
            "myColor": myClass.color
        } )
    // in delegate
    Rectangle {
        width: 200
        height: 200
        color: myColor

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    Hi @Mark81,
    As per the docs:

    Values must be simple constants; either strings (quoted and optionally within a call to QT_TR_NOOP), boolean values (true, false), numbers, or enumeration values (such as AlignText.AlignHCenter).

    So IMO a QColor cannot be assigned to the role myColor. And this in turn causes problem in the delegate.