Include OpenCV Library in Qt

  • Hello Everyone,
    i'am trying to include OpenCV library in to the my Qt Project. i include OpenCV to "" file (see below).

    INCLUDEPATH += C:\\CV\\build\\include
    LIBS += -LC:\CV\build\x64\vc12\lib \
    -Lopencv_core2413d.lib \
    -Lopencv_highgui2413d.lib \
    -Lopencv_imgproc2413d.lib \

    and i include this to my file:

    #include <opencv/cv.h>

    but this error displayed for me?
    " error: C1083: Cannot open include file: 'opencv/cv.h': No such file or directory ".
    whats the problem?

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    hi and welcome
    do you have cv.h in

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