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Qt-creator and path to embedded toolchain

  • version : QT 4.6.3
    host pc : Ubuntu 10.04

    Some "qt-creator-newbie" issues :

    I have three instances of QT : Qt/X11 for the host pc, Qt/QVFB that works with the virtual framebuffer and Qt/i.MX27 for my embedded device.

    Within qt-creator, I added the paths to the three qmake's under Qt-versions->Manual (although my PATH environment variable contains the paths to Qt/X11 and Qt/QVFB, qt-creator didn't auto-detect them). Building for Qt/X11 and Qt/QVFB works fine. When building for the embedded device, qt-creator gives me this error : make: arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++: Command not found. However, the path to the arm compiler is in my PATH environment variable. It looks like qt-creator does not take over the PATH environment (it doesn't auto-detect the qmake's and it doesn't find the cross-compiler). Do I have to configure that somewhere in qt-creator ?


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    Please try adding the path to the arm linux compiler into the "CSL/GCCE directory" field.

  • I think I should find "CSL/GCCE directory" in Tools->Options->Qt4, but I don't see it. (Isn't that something of the Windows version ?) If I should have this option, I might have made a mistake when installing qt-creator.
    Maybe I should uninstall it an re-install it. Maybe I missed an option...

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    Hmmm... you are right. The "CSL/GCCE directory" is actually for symbian only:-) Sorry for leading you on the wrong track there.

    Check the build environment in the Project mode instead. Does the Path there contain the directory holding your arm-linux gcc? Try adding it.

  • Ok, that's it !

    I guess this is something I have to set for every project ? Or is there a way to configure it for all projects ?

  • Shouldn't qt-creator take over the system's path (from the PATH environment variable) ?

    Anyway, thanks for the tip !

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    It depends on how you set up your build environment:-)

    The system environment should be identical to your environment outside creator, but the clean environment should be just the bare minimum.

    Of course Creator does tweak both environments for the tools it is going to use, so the system environment might be a bit different from the one seen in your shell.

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