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Which gives better performance for rich text editor

  • Hi everybody, I've been quite out of these places hehe

    I have been researching to make a custom text editor to group some projects I have developed separately, rather than all code generation.

    But I've got some details that have me a little confused.

    I've gotten to do my homework, there are basically classes

    perhaps there are others that have not seen, but some idea I've reviewed, these three classes are the most repeated.

    Could someone advise me which of these three classes work to develop a rich text editor

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome
    Well this person used QTextEdit

    You could give it a spin and see how fast it is.

    Im not sure u can say which is fastest as the engine for rich text is the same.

  • I have elucidated the dilemma regarding the doubt raised.

    First and foremost, I was confusing two concepts, TextEdit and TextDocument for the first contains the second, although they can be used interchangeably on any widget.

    On the other hand, I prefer QTextEdit, it has more features and is more versatile than QPlainTextEdit for creating a text editor and so investigated have equal performance in terms of resources used.

    I leave this reflection or as a solution in case someone is presented with any questions regarding this topic.