Convert QString to string

  • Hello,
    I have a Qstring which contains the path of a folder. I want to convert it into string.

    QString name = "/Users/macwaves/Desktop/copy to device2"
    string str= name. toStdString();

    OUTPUT: "copy to device2"

    I tried everything toUtf8().constData(), toLatin1().data(), toStdString but it produces the same output (Only show "copy to device2" instead of "/Users/macwaves/Desktop/copy to device2").

    Any Suggestions?

  • Hi @Punit ,

    Try this,

    QString name = "/Users/macwaves/Desktop/copy to device2";
    std::string text = name.toUtf8().constData();
    std::cout<< text;


    QString name = "/Users/macwaves/Desktop/copy to device2";
    std::string text = name.toLocal8Bit().constData();
    std::cout<< text;

    In my case,both worked well. I have tested.

  • Yes, It works. Thanks a lot buddy. @Ni-Sumi:)

  • @Ni.Sumi Do you know why the OP's code doesn't work for him? It works for me and I don't see anything wrong with his code (besides typos in the post).

  • Hi @Wieland ,

    I did not test the code. But Yes, you are right. I tested @Punit 's code after my comment. It worked for me too(missed only that semicolon).

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