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  • Hi,

    I was reading up on the use of stylesheets for setting a background pic on a form. I am interested in trying this on the splash screen on my first project.

    I can't find a reference as to whether I need to include any precompile directives (#include things or anything like that)

    I want the pic to be only on the splash screen, the standard gray is fine for the actually working form.

    Other than some code like this is there anything special I need to do?

    QSplashscreen splash;


  • Moderators

    You don't need a stylesheet to set a splash screen image. QSplashScreen has a setPixmap method for that. Better yet - you can pass a pixmap directly in the constructor:

    #include <QSplashScreen>
    #include <QPixmap>
    QSplashScreen splash(QPixmap("./file/left.png"));;

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks. That would be much easier. I'm looking specifically for a background image so I can write over it, but it might be better to just create a static pic with my writing on top of it (as part of the JPEG itself) and just include it as one pixmap as you suggest.

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    QSplashScreen has a showMessage method for writing text over the image. It's commonly used to display dynamic things like product version or a loading progress. Also QSplashScreen is just a widget like any other so you can override the paintEvent and overdraw whatever you want on it using QPainter.

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