QOpenGLContext used in multithread

  • Hi,guys.I met a problem. I used QGraphicsView to display 3D animation by integration with OpenSceneGraph.Meanwhile i capture QGraphicsView's image to generate a video file.

    In main thread i use (dynamic_cast<QOpenGLWidget *>(m_pGraphicsView->viewport()))->context()->functions()->glReadPixels() ,it can work,but the animation will be nonfluency.

    So I create another thread to capture QGraphicsView's image to generate a video file.So i pass m_pGraphicsView to thread,and use same code.But in this thread i can't capture image, :(.

    I find somebody says the problem is QOpenGLContext can't be used in another thread,they use QOpenGLContext->moveToThread,etc. I don't understand well.

    Can any one help me? I list my code snippet:

    void CMainWindow::recordView()

       m_pAVIGenerator = new FFMPEG(m_pGraphicsView);
       m_pAVIGenerator->SetupVideo(filePath, 1480, 920, 25, 10, 40000000);
        //m_pAVIGenerator is my another thread


    void FFMPEG::run()

    while (!mNeedStop)
    	QImage image(1480, 920, QImage::Format_RGB888);
    	(dynamic_cast<QOpenGLWidget *>(m_pView->viewport()))->context()->functions()->glReadPixels(192, 0, 1480, 920, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, image.bits());
    	WriteFrame((char *)image.bits());


    How can i change these code?Thanks for your patient read my problem!