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Qt Creator on Windows10 remote profiling problem with Valgrind

  • Hi to all. First of all I try to describe the scenario I am working on:


    On a Windows 10 machine
    The entire Qt 5.5 suite. The problem focuses on Qt Creator attempting to profile the application.
    Qt 5.5 installation uses the gnu (MingW) compiler set of tools and works well, already checked that part of the standard Qt5.5 installation there is also the GDB so I suppose that the remote debugging is possible.

    On a remote Linux machine
    A working running installation of Valgrind

    The Linux machine is reachable from the Windows10 machine from the terminal, through ssh via the OpenSSH for Windows10


    In the Qt creator documentation it is explicit that to profile an application under Windows it is needed to enable the Valgrind profiling tool from a remote machine (as Valgrind is supported only on Linux). I have tried any kind of possible configuration but nothing seems working. Maybe something obvious is missed and I didn't found it or there is a small lack of documentation. As a matter of fact I have not found any kind of example on how to setup Qt creator on the Windows machine to access the remote machine running Valgrind through a TCP connection (IP address and/or PORT, PID ID etc.)

    Someone has some suggestion or can point me the right direction?


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