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Ada and Qt

  • Hi
    I need some information about QtAda.
    Can i use Qml in QtAda?
    What about its features? Can it powerful like C++?
    What about updates and support?

  • See: Last snapshot is for Qt 4.8.2. Which means it's obsolete. Maybe you can get it to work with legacy Qt 4.8.7.

  • Ughhhh... I can only ask why? We use Qt in C++ and import in Ada as needed.

  • Looks like is no longer in business. I can see why. The versions of Qt change so rapidly that doing bindings every time can be quite an undertaking. I do feel that being able to do Ada programming in Qt (like in the editor and using the GCC compiler for Ada) would be great but I have to figure out to make it work. I see that the Ada part of GCC provided with Qt has been stripped out of the compiler so it would take some retrofitting or rekitting. I agree with Buckwheat above that importing Ada as needed would be a great idea too. I love IO in Ada and of course this would only be possible in a PC world. I want to write apps on Android and that compiler needs to be rekitted back into the compiler tool suite as well! Argh!

  • @Mr_Ada you may be interested in Qt5Ada, see this announcement

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