Building Qt apps in Eclipse

  • I am trying to create a development environment where I can create a C++ application that uses Qt that is cross compiled for an ARM processor and statically linked. The development platform is a Virtual Machine running a Debian OS on a windows host machine. the target platform is a Beagle Bone Black also running a Debian OS. The IDE is Eclipse mars and the cross compiler is an arm-linux-gnueabihf. I have been developing and deploying test apps for several months but have only recently begun integrating in Qt. I successfully deployed a simple app that just created a QCoreApplication and printed a QString to verify that the libraries and includes were successful. But when I added a class that extended from Qobject and used the Q_OBJECT macro I realized that I had forgotten about running moc.

    I searched on the internet for suggestions about how to build Qt apps using Qt but most of them were several years old and ended with something along the lines of give up. Does anyone have suggestions about how to build applications in Eclipse that will add in the moc processing and any other processing necessary for Qt (I have no ui files).