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How to use static link library in a new program?

  • Sorry as a rookie,I want to ask how to use a static link library in a new program.

    I have a DAQ Card(Data Acquisition Card),and it supplies three files for me to use:

    I want to know how to configure rightly to use the function in it?Especially where to put these three files and how to change my .pro file.
    (I use Qt Creator and MSVC2015)

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    read this
    Basically it's just adding the lib file to the LIB variable and add the INCLUDEPATH to the h-file.

    win32:LIBS += path/to/cbw32.lib
    INCLUDEPATH += path/to/dir-of-h-file

    btw. this isn't a static library, it's a dynamic library since you have also a dll file

  • Thx,and it is really simple to use add library guide to add in the .dll and .lib that I want.

    And what I found is that maybe most of situations didn't have a .dll file for debug mode(which you can simply tell from it if has a -d suffix),but you can use the given ones in a release mode.

    thx again.

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