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[SOLVED] How to make qt source files non writable in Qt Creator

  • When I debug my project in Qt Creator, it is not uncommon for the debugger to go into the Qt source code. Problem is the source code is writable and I am afraid I will paste something into there by mistake some day, save it and create problems because of it. how Can I make them read-only. I am on Linux. I have tried chmod -R 555 path/to/qt but there are still writable from the qtcreator

    EDIT: moved to tools forum, Gerolf

  • How about "sudo chmod" ?

  • Also, you don't want to use @sudo chmod -R 555 /path/to/qt@ because that will set the executable bit on everything. You want to use @sudo chmod -R a-w /path/to/qt@ if you really want to remove the write bit for everyone.

  • from using a ancient version control system (SCCS) witch marks files not checked out as read only Qt Creator will allow you to edit the files still and then come up with a warning before you save which is easy enough to accidentally let you overwrite the file so relying on the files being read only isn't always the most helpful. Also should you choose to mark the files as read only it will cause windows to recompile them every time you chmod which may not be that useful, or may not effect you.

  • yeah i'm aware of those commands but I was actually wondering if there was a way to make them read-only directly from qt creator (the lock we see in the IDE, I was thinking it could be activated from there or something)

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