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Programming an external device

  • Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
    Please help me with the programming of the new equipment.
    Hardware verification of relay protection is a

    The passage on the device programming guide

    The manual says:
    «To use RETOM-51 (61), from its programmable application, first
    access the device RETOM-51 management interface (61). This requires
    register the library in your installed system. The library has been tested on Windows
    2000 and above. you must once to register the server
    RTDI.exe run the file for execution.»

    It's all good, but we use Linux. Therefore RTDI.exe is useless.

    «s an example of RETOM Master Library, we explain the simplest writing
    program in Excel using VBA, included in the Microsoft Office package.
    The first step is to register the server RTDI
    (The file that provides support for libraries
    RETOM-Master) in the operating system. For this
    RTDI.exe able to execute this file included in the
    Package RETOM Master. Then run
    MS Excel, open the VBA editor window. Choosing
    click Tools-> References menu, open the window
    References - VBAProject, and in the Available list,
    References will find and mark a line check RTDIThe
    Invisible App and RTLink line - Retom
    command type library. In the absence of
    entries in the list, it is necessary pressing Browse button
    find files RTDI.tlb and RTLink.tlb in the installation folder
    RETOM Master and select them.»

    My main question at this point: «Can I use RTDI.tlb files and RTLink.tlb as a library in Linux environment?» If so. Please, enter the path to the menu, how do I register the these libraries.

    Thank you!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, these OLE modules will communicate with their RTDI executable so running from Linux is likely not possible unless you use something like WINE.

    You should try asking them if it's possible to get the protocol to talk with their device and implement your own library to do it.

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