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How to go a particular cell within Qtablewidget?

  • Hi, I have a parent form who has a Qtablewidget, "this one was created not using a model".

    I insert data in that Qtablewidget calling a child form, the data is added correctly at the row "N".

    But when I assign the focus to the Qtablewidget, this is positioned at row 0. And I want set the focus in the row "N".

    Someone can help me as going to the desired row.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    ui->tableWidget->selectRow( ROW_NUMBER ); ?

  • I solved it,

    The problem that I was confused, because the first row is 0 not "1". So when I insert a row N, I will have a total rows = N - 1.

    So, my problem was an error of positioning.

    Thanks Guys!!.