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FIXME, TODO, and other notes in Qt Creator

  • Is there some view in Qt Creator I could use to get faster to FIXME and TODO comments? If not, is there any workaround? It would help me a lot...

  • No. I used this feature in Eclipse, but QtCreator don't have this. I hope this is temporarily...

  • Would be big plus to have this in Qt Creator!

  • I used this feature in KDevelop and it was very useful...

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    Please file a feature request in "our bugtracker":

    Suggestions won't get lost in a bugtracker while they will at some point vanish from the easily accessible front pages of the forum!

  • Hi there.

    I created a plugin that displays comments for //FIXME blabla //TODO etc.

    The Keywords are configurable.

    At the moment I am checking if it is ok for my company to let me make the code public. Until then you can head over to the "Plugin Gallery": in the Wiki (section "display todo / fixme etc. comments") to check it out.


  • markus.liebe Where can we download it?

  • At the moment you cannot download it anywhere. I have to wait for the clearance of my boss to make it available to the public. I think I know more in the next few days. If my boss decides that it is ok I will put the sources online soon.

  • This is great, Markus! Let me know if you need some support to convince your boss. I have some nice arguments I can pull out of my top drawer if needed. ;)

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    Markus: Any news from the boss-front yet?

  • Tobias, is there something not good for you at Vass' plugin? Or you just want to look at alternative?

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    No, I am just trying to stay up to date... I just noticed though that Markus said in the thread about Vass' plugin that he can not release his code due to company policy:-/

  • I've always just Ctrl+F'ed for them or had syntax highlighting making them red so perhaps I'm missing something.

    I've never thought of having it appear in the Build warnings. But, I don't understand why this is better exactly. Having them appear when you build that is.
    Why not have a separate window that shows TODOs/FIXMEs. Then if you're looking for something to do, you can jump in to this.

  • xsacha, just look at it from this angle:
    Pane you've called "build messages" one can call "issues" and it contains build issues (from compiler) and code issues (from FIXME, TODO, etc.).

  • But I have never really thought of it as showing 'code' issues. Is a TODO really an issue? I think of them more as plans. I prefer a separate list, unrelated to the building process.

  • xsacha, I'm agreed with you. It is just a feature to show them as part of issues. If you lok at Vass' plgin there is a setting that allows you to choose between issues and separate list of todos.

  • Oh that's good! But where is Vass' plugin? Tobias said he can't release it? That's a shame.

  • xsacha, no, Vass' plugin is at gitorious. You can find it "here":

  • Awesome!
    I will use this now.

    Oh, I read Tobias' comment wrong. He was saying Markus couldn't release code due to company policy, in a thread about Vass' plugin. Unfortunate that his company does not contribute back :(.

  • I liked this feature the last time I used KDevelop. Is quite usueful for example, for people who are not used to the codebase, but what to help (Junior Jobs for example). A newbie can simply open the project, and in some place of the UI he/she can find a list of places that need help, without having to use find&grep.

    Thanks for reporting the bug.

  • This kind of stuff is VERY useful IMHO.

  • +1

    I am also keen on the TODO list in Eclipse. I have not seen such feature so far in Qt Creator and hope to see it available soon. Please give me a hint if it is already available but I am missing it :)


  • leon.anavi, there are some features that you miss in Vass' plugin? If yes you can contact him, he is here on DevNet.

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    /me uses the tasklist plugin for this kind of functionality.

    I have a script that extracts all the lines that changed compared to what is in git on the server, extracts stuff from those lines, calculates line numbers and turns the whole thing into a .tasks file.

    That file can be opened from Qt Creator and its contents does show up in the Build Issues pane. Updating the file (via script every couple of minutes) causes the list inside Qt Creator to refresh.

    I actually prefer this approach as it shows the TODOs and FIXMEs (and some other issues) I introduced into the code, not the lots of others that were there already:-)

    The script I use is available as scripts/ in the Qt Creator repo.

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1304979454"]leon.anavi, there are some features that you miss in Vass' plugin? If yes you can contact him, he is here on DevNet.[/quote]

    The main problem I have with it, is that I can't get it to actually work. I managed to compile it with big effort (I did not want to compile all of Qt Creator myself; that also ran into problems for me), but I still run into errors:
    Could not resolve dependency 'Core(2.1.81)'
    Could not resolve dependency 'ProjectExplorer(2.1.81)'
    Could not resolve dependency 'TextEditor(2.1.81)'

    We really need an easier way to get plugins running in Qt Creator...

  • That's exactly why I stopped my efforts in bringing the plugin's to work for me :-(
    I would like to use them, but then it took me too much time....

  • Andre, you need fix dependenses in .pluginspec file. Unfortunately only way do it :(

  • [quote author="Vass" date="1305017107"]Andre, you need fix dependenses in .pluginspec file. Unfortunately only way do it :( [/quote]

    I have tried to look how to do that, but I have no clue what such a fix would imply exactly.

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1304979454"]leon.anavi, there are some features that you miss in Vass' plugin? If yes you can contact him, he is here on DevNet.[/quote]

    Honestly I have not tried it yet :(

    Regarding the comments that the installation is time consuming I will add it to my to-do list for some of the coming weekends.

    Vass, thanks for providing the plugin! I will write back when I install it to share user comments :)

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