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QMenu incorrect setting of palette

  • Hi I'll create a bug report for this if no one can think of a solution.
    I am creating a QMenu shortly before i create this menu i call qApp->setPalette(palette); Changing all the colors (part of the brief is for this app to look nothing like a desktop app its for embedded linux, I am also unable to use stylesheets due to constraints placed on me.)
    Under Windows and Embedded Linux (Freescale for ARM) the colors of the QMenu are the colors i'd expect under my linux system the colors remain the same as my system colors. If i call setPalette(qapp->palette); on the QMenu the text color changes however others remain the same.
    I have also tried setting the application and menu style to windowsxp and this did nothing. It would be ideal if all 3 have the same behavior as the Linux and Windows versions are just a emulator for the Embedded Linux version
    Qt 4.7.1 running a 32 bit application on a 64 bit Ubuntu 10.10 machine running Gnome.
    Does anyone else have any ideas?

  • I've found a work around this seems to be linked to styles while i wouldn't mark this as a solution it will work for me. I have set my application's style to plastique this seems to give the ability to set all the colors correctly and will work in my case. I am still open to better ideas.

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