QTGraphicsItem relative coordinates in a Grid

  • I'm designing a grid system in a QgraphicsView. I've made Tiles using QGraphicsItems which lay across the view, as show below:
    image here
    The issue I'm having is when adding objects to a tile. I'm trying to add a QPixmapItem or some other item (such as a rectangle) to a specific tile, say (3,4) tile in the grid. What is the best way to do this, such that the item is drawn relative to a given tile.

    That is, if I were to say addObject(myObject, x, y) the object will be drawn to fit right in tile x, y, and I can scale it relative to that tile. I was able to make everything work for one grid size; but if I add rows/columns, everything is off center again.

  • Make the respective tile the parentItem of your new GraphicsItem:


    Now all coordinates of myItem are relative to that respective tile.

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