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Prevent QWebEngineView from taking the focus?

  • I have a QWebEngineView object which I use to display some information, but I don't want it to take the focus. With WebKit, I used to solve that problem by calling setFocusPolicy() with Qt::NoFocus as a parameter. However, this 'solution' doesn't seem to work with QWebEngineView which still takes the focus no matter what.

    So, is that a 'problem' with QWebEngineView or am I missing something?...

    Cheers, Alan.

  • Please, read this, maybe this info will be useful QTBUG-52999 .

  • Thanks for the pointer, @Andriy, although I must confess that I have given up on Qt WebEngine. No matter what the Qt guys may say, it's not, in my opinion, ready to replace Qt WebKit, as confirmed by QTBUG-52999 indeed (this won't be fixed before 5.8!), as well as the fact that they still ship the source code for Qt WebKit (and, from what I have seen, correct a few things here and there in Qt WebKit) and that the help in Qt Creator (which I understand now uses Qt WebEngine) doesn't render well anymore, etc.

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