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QML-Change data in Image Details tab properties

  • Hi,
    I use Qt version 5.6.0 with qml from windows 8.1.
    I want to set metadata for captured images in QML.
    I've tried the following code, the program runs on desktop takes the picture and saves it.
    After I open it up with Preview and check the metadata... and nothing special there (no Author key).

    Camera {
                                    id: camera

  • I don't see an "author" property listed in "metaData" here:

  • I've never actually done this, so I'm not sure, but I think this might work after reading the documentation.

    Camera { id: cam }
    Button {
        onClicked: {
            cam.imageCapture.setMetadata("Author", "neda");

  • @Wieland

    Thank you.
    I see this link

    I use this code but it does not work.

    Camera {
                                    id: camera
                                    metaData.cameraModel: "lenovo"

  • @JordanHarris

    Thank you.

    I use this code but It does not work.

     imageCapture {
            console.log("Image Metadata Callback : "+key+" = "+value)
    onClicked: {
    camera.imageCapture.setMetadata(, "neda")
    //or this code:
    camera.imageCapture.setMetadata("Author", "neda")
    //or this code:"neda"

    Update: I also tried to do that using QImageWriter as follows:

    QImage image("c:/1.jpg");
    QImageWriter writer("c:/11.png", "png");
    writer.setText("Author", "neda");

    But, none of my tries gave me any success (change data in Image Details tab properties). Any idea?

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