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Instant initialization of qml object in TabView at app start

  • Hi all, I try to make device viewer using Qt Quick and faced with problem.

    All monitored data from device located in different tabs created using TabView.
    After start application, it recieve data across UDP data in C++ code in main function and sended data to QML forms in
    different tabs, but this all tabs but first is not exist because I dont press on them. But It necessary to being created for indicate of same alert or something like it.

    How I can work around this problem?

    UPD: Ohh, I can just set attribute "active" to true for Tab and tab will upload automatically with start of TabView.

  • Moderators

    Hi @Bioniwulf,
    Did you try creating them dynamically using addTab. Do it as soon you as you receive UDP data.

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