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Get signal on activate a certain cell in a tableview

  • Is there a way to get a signal when a certain cell (or column) in a qtableview loses the focus or get activated (a QAbstractItemView witch is inherid by a qtableview holds the signal "activated").

    Is it possible with a connect statement similar to this:

    connect(ui->myTableview->"here I don't know how to point to cell 0 , 1",SIGNAL(activated), this, SLOT(myFunction))

    If it is possible like in the connect statement above, how do I write the sender (e.g. cell 0,1 in the tableview) correct

    Or is there an other way??

    Thank you in advance!


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    What about using
    You get new QModelIndex which has

    So when u get this signal, u can check if the "watched" col and do your thing.

    You also get last QModelIndex , so you can check if a cell is "left" that way.
    Meaning its the last ModelIndex.

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