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Crashing application due to key event

  • "This": describes an odd bug noticed with KMyMoney on MacOSX:

    The debug log shows:
    #0 0x104660668 in qt_mac_nativeview_for
    #1 0x10466cb89 in QMacInputContext::isComposing
    #2 0x104742811 in QKeyMapperPrivate::translateKeyEvent
    #3 0x10467bc6e in qt_dispatchKeyEvent
    #4 0x10466dad3 in -[QCocoaView keyUp:]
    #5 0x7fff888d906f in -[NSWindow sendEvent:]
    #6 0x104674ef6 in -[QCocoaWindow sendEvent:]
    #7 0x7fff8880da86 in -[NSApplication sendEvent:]
    #8 0x104678568 in -[QNSApplication sendEvent:]
    #9 0x7fff887a44da in -[NSApplication run]
    #10 0x104682065 in QEventDispatcherMac::processEvents
    #11 0x1043c44a4 in QEventLoop::processEvents
    #12 0x1043c47c4 in QEventLoop::exec
    #13 0x1043c5dcc in QCoreApplication::exec
    #14 0x10000f511 in main at main.cpp:260
    and I wonder what's going on with it. I guess it would be also very hard to debug this in Xcode or with gdb...

  • "Crash when trying to start KMyMoney with QT 4.7.3 debug version":

    "Crashing application when trying to show popup window when moving focus to a date widget (KMyMoney) on MacOSX":

    Both the problems previously reported too are on MacOSX.. I'm starting to think, this problem needs to be bumped up to either "KMyMoney": or "Qt":

    Or if someone owns a Mac, please isolate the core issue if just plain unsupported or a bug etc...

  • I was up to now only on MacPorts' or on KMyMoney's mailing lists and thought that it might be the next logical step to go here, but thanks for the hint to I'll pursue the latter. Thanks!

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